try again

CAN’T FIND A WAY THERE, TRY AGAIN 2020 3d print, plexiglass, 20x20x15 cm This project is based on a series of 3D models built on ‘unseen’ coordinates from Google Maps: the non-places portrayed in the models represent sections of sea-floor, chosen on the basis of their distance from land and human habitation. Through the process of modelling, printing and in the selection of materials, glitches – consisting of visual and physical interferences – were purposefully inserted in order to further distance these remote places from geographic reality, glitching the ability of the viewer to ever really know the place. In this sense, the ‘glitch’ becomes emblematic of our relationship to knowledge: physically blurring, smudging, contorting the ‘line’ between the mapped and the unknown(able). Unexepectedly, the glitches depicted bring us closer to the non-places of the digital sphere; places that for various reasons, are not accurately mapped. The project thus aims to generate a hybrid space by capturing the relationship between seabed and surface, depth and superficiality, the real and the ideal.
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