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No location available, 2020 Gumprint on Tengu and Tarantula restoration paper 95×95 cm, 6 pieces Installation view at Wild Mazzini, Torino “No location available”, is an installation that consists of six prints on Japanese restoration paper suspended, divided into two groups of three, and placed on either side of the gallery, where the viewer is placed in the centre. Each print represents a different cross-section (at different heights) of the same island. Half of the prints represent what is above sea level, the other half represent what is below, which stops being considered as territory to fall into an indeterminate underwater oblivion.
The viewer finds himself physically included in the work, on the ideal borderline between these two worlds – emerged and submerged – invited to feel part of this representation. The choice of the red colour used for the performance aims to strengthen this gap between known and unknown, as red in water is the first colour component to be absorbed, disappearing only 5 metres below sea level. This work is part of and continues the investigation of the seabed undertaken by the artist through the three-dimensional works in the “Try again” series.
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Ciò che rimane

My research is focused on memory, mostly on its consequences. I analysed the tension towards forgotten everyday memories, and meditated on the misrepresented images that time is able to conceal under the layers of the past.
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The ‘Arcipelago’ serie comes from the analysis of the memory as a fragmented portion of time which is transformed into an island shape. The picture is thus isolated, fragmented and recomposed in order to create new worlds made up by archipelagos of memories.
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