Anonima Kunsthalle Zentrum


“piano B” – “plan B”

Gelatin silver print on baryta and polythene paper, 88 pieces, cm 20×20 each, water, plastic bowl, installation of environmental dimensions

Solo exhibition curated by Luisa Turuani at Anonima Kunsthalle, ZENTRUM, Varese
22nd september – 20th october 2019

A raised hand: a direction, a greeting, a desire, an intonation, a victory, an urgent cry for help, a threat, a blessing, a presence.
A precariously balanced image, just waiting to be looked at, suspended on a judgment full of uncertainties. Only in this condition of apparent fragility the image finally turns into a free, lightweight tool which accompanies the eye through an in-time journey and allows to see things as a part of a process. Clinging and determined to preserve its attachement to its own profiles, the image is wise enough to understand the right moment to jump and gloriously return to the hands of those who recognise themselves in it.