Takuu Atoll


Takuu Atoll
Gumprint and movable type print on japanese restoration paper 7gr / m2, plexiglass, lead, nylon thread
Installation of environmental dimensions (4 sheets 100x100cm each, plexiglass case 13x23x16 cm)

Takuu atoll, in Papua New Guinea, is sinking.
Due to global warming and rising sea levels this cluster of islands is gradually disappearing.
In this piece, the topography of the atoll has been replaced by screenshots of interferences taken from online maps, through these interferences the shape of the island breaks up and recomposes, like a blurred memory.
Legends say that the Takuu atoll was built by spirits with the bones of Oceanus, and for that reason many of its inhabitants refuse to abandon it, resisting the force of the tides by building dams with dry branches and stones.
The cultural and musical heritage of this island is rich with tradition, and composed of thousands of songs handed down from generation to generation.
This project investigates the identity of Takuu’s people, that despite having resisted colonisation for centuries, cannot be separated from the impact of their geographical realities.
All that will remain of it will be its geographical coordinates.